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A Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing

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Join me for this hands-on workshop to gain a better understanding of how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works. You’ll conquer utilizing Facebook as a marketing and customer engagement tool, Here’s what you can expect to accomplish.
1) Calculate your Page's ranking in the Facebook News Feed Algorithm. We'll explore common mistakes that can  prevent your posts  from showing up, even for people who follow you. We'll calculate your page's current ranking and approach writing better content.
2)  Discover native features of organic Page publishing, including how to use the Facebook’s scheduling feature and Flex Targeting to reach a higher portion of your audience and to increase engagement.
3) Explore the visual side of Facebook, develop plans to better utilize native Facebook video content, and learn when to use the different style of visual posting. We'll explore photo carousels, slideshows, albums and more as well as identify common image-based posting problems and how to avoid them.
4) Understand the two-sided approach to Facebook advertising to help you know when to use promoted posts versus ads. We'll explore the various types of Facebook advertising available and how to use them, targeting features, and even set up a sample Facebook ad campaign.
5) Learn  new and updated features, including Facebook Live, Instant Articles and Messenger as a customer service and e-commerce app.